Referencias bibliográficas Mendeley

Aquí os dejo algunas de las referencias bibliográficas que he seleccionado en Mendeley y que me han parecido interesantes:

Lund, A. (2008). Wikis: A collective approach to language production. ReCALL20(01), 35-54.

Arnold, N., Ducate, L., & Kost, C. (2012). Collaboration or cooperation? Analyzing group dynamics and revision processes in wikis. CALICO Journal29(3), 431-448.

Chao, Y. C. J., & Lo, H. C. (2011). Students’ perceptions of Wiki-based collaborative writing for learners of English as a foreign language. Interactive Learning Environments19(4), 395-411.

Ferrari, A. (2013). DIGCOMP: A framework for developing and understanding digital competence in Europe.

Gomes, R., & Sousa, L. (2013). Teaching and learning through Wikis in higher education. International Journal of Information and Education Technology3(6), 627.


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