Welcome to this Blog Edition 2016-17



Now that you now how to build a wiki in collaboration, we will try with a collaborative blog by using WordPress.

You can have a look to this blog, created by other students in 2014-15 to learn how to manage with WordPress.


18 thoughts on “Welcome to this Blog Edition 2016-17

      1. Try the reader’s option to get an idea of the structure of blog posts… install WP app in your mobiles so that you see how easy managing your blog can be…..


      1. I have been looking around and watching some of the tutorials and posts they have. I guess it took them some time to have the blog as it is nowadays, since it is so complete and you can find many resources, labels, categories, and information. Anyway, they seem to have much more experience in the use blogs than I have. Watching some of the tutorials and reading the ones you left us and provided by WordPress itself, I think I don’t have the administration permissions, since I can’t see the Toolbar to include widgets, change the theme, and these aspects. I can only post and edit some of them. Is there any way I can know the permissions I have? Because I have been looking at my profile and account, but I can’t see anything. Thanks!!


  1. Siempre he tenido ganas de comenzar un blog, pero nunca me he lanzado. Me parece un gran acierto tratar este tema en la asignatura, ya que creo que tienen un gran potencial educativo. He estado echando un vistazo a los blogs ya creados y están bastante completos y muy bien organizados. Con ganas de empezar 🙂

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  2. Hi, I have looked at the blog and I think is it incredible they did all that in only three weeks. I don’t have experience with blogs and I find a bit difficult the edition of ours. I have also tried to post our task but I cannot do it, do I need administration permissions?


      1. And how can I post the task? I am trying to do it but I only appear as a reader, I cannot write anything


  3. I’ve been having a look at the blog and it looks great. The header looks very professional and its content, given the different subtopics that the blog allows to develop, is so rich and varied.

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